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Do not delay in joining Party For New Years Affiliate Program at free of cost to earn commission when you employ the use of your given referral link to refer to a user who reaches us for New Year’s Eve party. Yes it is that simple!

Real-time reporting

You can easily track your referrals, visits, earnings as well as affiliate registration all in real time and without any delay.
Affiliates can produce their personal referral links from Affiliate Area of Party For New Years, which is possible because of the built-in referral link generator.

How does Party For New Years Affiliate Program functions:

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Earn Money

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  • Get the visitors to visit your affiliate links because that will assist in driving traffic to our New Years Eve 2018 Events.
  • Your visitors will buy the tickets to the New Years Eve Parties.

The visitors who visit the website will able to find the tickets for New Years Eve NYC at highly competitive prices which are easily sold out, therefore , ensure that the visitors buy the tickets well in advance so that your commission can be increased in monetary terms.

This means that you will be able to get commission on each of the ticket that the visitor will buy from Party For New Years within the time period of 30 days.

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The three pay days

We always send out the commissions to our customers on a monthly basis.

The details of Party For New Years Affiliate Network

  • There is no joining fee.
  • Seize the chance to get commission on all your referral’s purchases.
  • Easy and simple set up that you make commissions without any delay.
  • Rapid and easy set up, the build-in links with your signed in account.
  • Complete affiliate management.
  • Sales reported in real time.

Party For New Years platform offers a complete suit of the events, real time reporting, track of your referred visits, earnings, referrals and affiliate registration.

In order to commence the enrolment procedure, the affiliate should turn in a finished affiliate application form with current and appropriate contact details.

Party For New Years will assess the application of the affiliate and will notify the affiliate of the brand’s rejection or approval.

Important point: The application of the affiliate will be rejected if it determines, in sole discretion that the affiliate is not suitable to be a part of the program.

Check Our Policies Before Being as Our Part of Team

The users who purchase or sell the tickets via this program will be considered as the customers of the Party For New Years. Accordingly, the entire website’s norms, policies as well as operating process concerning the orders of the customer, customer support and sales of the product will apply. We may modify our policies and the operating process at any given time.

The terms of this affiliate program agreement will commence upon the approval of the Party For New Years affiliate’s application and will continue for the foreseeable future by the either party in accordance with the terms of the agreement.

Either the Party For New Years or the affiliate may end this agreement at any given time, with or without any cause, by the written notice of the termination. The affiliate is completely eligible to earn commission only on the sales of the ticket that occur during the term and the commission that will be earned till the time of the termination of the agreement will remain owed only in the case that the corresponding orders are not cancelled or returned.

To make sure that the affiliate is paid the right amount of the commission due by Party For New Years, the website may withhold the final payment of the affiliate for a sensible period of time.

You are in agreement with the Party For New Years to not disclose any confidential information without our written permission. “The confidentiality information of Party For New Years” includes:

  • The trade secrets, proprietary information as well as other data. Both written and/or oral. That is about the operations of the business, employees, contractors as well as third party customers.
  • All the software, documentation and technology related to this program of Party For New Years.
  • The information of sales and other statistics associated with the program.
  • Any other data made available by the website that is designated confidential or would be normally considered as confidential under the given circumstances.

The confidential information of Party For New Years does not include the details that are:

  • Known or available to the public.
  • Did not become known through the information available via affiliate’s breach of the agreement.
  • Was given by the third party without any breach of the confidentiality limitation.

The affiliates may contact the website with the notices related to the activity of the account such as order tracking, processing, sales, and payments.

Affiliates can contact Party For New Years by emailing the website at



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