What do we do this Time of the Year?

“Party For New Years” is the leading New Year’s Eve Party Planner especially in New York and other urban hubs. Associating ourselves with top six nightclubs, pubs, restaurants and party venues, namely Gllded Lily, FREQ, Cielo, Le Reve, Kola Houses, and Gansevoort Meatpacking NYC, we successfully leverage our established relationship across the party venues to get you great insights into the wonderful planning of New Years Eve Parties, which will guarantee you the best party experiences. We work along with tremendous tastemakers and trendsetters across music, fashion, media, and art and entertainment spheres to keep you up to the pace with always current and ever evolving list of the happening who, when, where and what of the New Years Eve NYC.

Our team will bring you up front and in centre of the New Year’s Eve party’s amazing scenes with DJ events, live music, dance parties, weekly parties, special events, intimate or family dinners and much more to make your night the most special one. The one thing that we love about our customers is their specific tastes, which is why whatever your preference maybe whether glamorous, hippy, black tie, Party For New Years will be right here to make it come true for you.

What is So Special ?

Party planning professionals! As a renowned party planner for party for New Years, we throw the best parties and events that are custom based as per the wants of the customers and filled with life to make sure that your night is a memorable one. We have a recognized authority to plan the best New Years Eve NYC and that is bound to be the talk of the town or city in this case.

When Party For New Years is your New Years Eve parties buddy then you can be certain that you are in for a night of complete fun. Everything from decorating the dance floor, pool setting to the catering team and beverages, we have everything that will only relax you and get you in the full-on party mode.

Why not Be Part of Team ?

Party For New Years is the biggest event producer and the best ticketing source for New Year’s Eve party. For New Years Eve Events NYC, which is without a doubt the biggest event, we present simultaneous hundred events and offer easy and very convenient virtual ticketing for our guests. We have everything that you will need to enjoy yourself to the fullest including mouth-watering cuisine to tongue-tickling booze. Our ball drop NYC event planning is famous of all. By using our extended association with the top venues, we create diverse as well as top rated New Year’s Eve Party to get you to enjoy the miraculous ball drop event without a worry in the world. Even our after midnight parties will keep you up and excited till the first sunrise of the New Year’s day that lies ahead to enjoy.

There is one more thing that will get you more excited than anticipating the New Year’s eve party and that is with Party For New Years being your pal in the arrangement in this event, you will not only have to spend but even grab the chance to earn some. Surprised? We bet! Our Affiliate program is designed in such a way that you can easily become the part of our team and only by getting your friends, families and acquaintances to click on the referral links; you will be able to pocket wonderful commissions. Join our affiliate program now and start earning away:




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